Excellence in quality sleep

The way each person sleeps is unique and deserves the very best. This is why we leave nothing to chance. From the precious fabrics we use to the smallest hand-stitched detail, we offer a bespoke approach to provide you with a unique bed and a restful sleep.

- French manufacturer since 1935
- Global reach
- Inventor of integrated padding
- Inventor of the Pullman spring®*
- Our pocket springs are manufactured in our workshops in Reichshoffen
- Bespoke expertise:
- Customised embroidery on request
- Accommodation of all dimension & size requirements


Because the night is more beautiful when it is shared, we take particular care of the comfort for two. The pocket sprung suspension allows sleeping independence, to enjoy the best sleep, side by side. The springs offer the best support for the spine in all positions. Tréca offers a variety of suspensions for bedding that can match your expectations and a "made-to-measure" sleep.


The full upholstery of the bedstead is entirely done by hand and adds a finishing touch to the mattress. The two sides of the mattresses are joined manually with fasteners along the suspension and the linings. Upholstery, a traditional and patented process, reinforces the structure of the mattress fensuring it retains its shape and durability over the years. The lateral padding reinforces the mattress structure to ensure its shape, durability and an immaculate finish. The edges of the mattress also retain their shape perfectly.