• Pocket spring suspension

• Heights 22, 26 and 30 cm.

• Wooden base structure

Grand Impérial

Firm support.

• Pocket spring suspension with high density throughout. Reinforced seating zone at foot of bed.

• Heights : 22 or 26 cm

• Wooden base structure

Omega Spring

Firm support.

• Bed base with shell frame. Omega Spring+ suspension

• Heights : 15, 17 or 22 cm

• Wooden base structure

Trécaflex box

The sleeping surface (9 cm high Miniflex) fits inside the Box. It is lifted up by a handle at the foot end, with two hydraulic struts

reducing the effort required.

To lower the sleeping surface to the closed position, the mattress must obligatorily be on it.

The frame can be embellished with facings (22 cm high) or valances (height of the box frame 22 cm + height of the plinth 10
or 15 cm).

The Bed frames can be covered in tickings to match the mattress. Trecaflex Box can be fitted with a Treca Paris headboard, thanks to the longitudinal movement of the sleeping surface when it is lifted.

Internal height of storage space :

- 28 cm with a 15 cm high plinth
- 23 cm with a 10 cm high plinth

Trecaflex Fixed slat & spring base

Balanced support

Standard height: 18 cm.

Variants: 14 cm et 22 cm.

Thickness of the sleeping surface: 9 cm.